Action to save the Vaquita

Save The Vaquita project is organized by a group of distinguished scientists and field researchers that are members of the world renowned Explorers Club.

The goal of this project is as follows:

– Lead a series of expeditions to conduct scientific analysis of the Vaquita and its habitat to prevent this species from becoming extinct.

– Building relationships with the peoples of the Gulf of California to establish an Eco-tourism industry to provide income to their communities and families.

– Using examples of current Eco-tourism projects in Mexico that have proven success where both humans and animal are now thriving.

– To open a dialogue with accredited marine parks in North America to discuss the possibility of establishing a captive breeding program. (While it is the belief of the projects leaders that marine mammals should not be held in captivity the population of this species is critically low and facing imminent extinction within 5 years).

– The Vaquita is more valuable alive to the peoples of northern Gulf of California than dead. This has been proven with dozens of aquatic and terrestrial species across the globe.