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The most popular gambling superstitions around the world

The most popular gambling superstitions around the world


When the entire game depends on  luck, it is normal for gamblers to have superstitions and lucky charms. Gamblers are one of the top superstitious people around the world with a bag full of myths and  superstitions to believe in. These beliefs manifest in people in different forms slot online indonesia around the world but are mostly attached to an object, routine, colour, or time.

Wearing red

Wearing red during the time of doubt is one of the most common superstitions in Asia. Red is considered to be lucky for gambling as well as a colour of prosperity in China. The gamblers try to wear red every time they go to gamble. The redder you wear, the luckier you will get.

Crossing fingers

The most common superstition to bring luck towards your side even in daily life is to cross fingers. It is used by gamblers as well to win in the games. One the other side, crossing legs is considered to cancel the wins that were potentially coming to you.

The front door is bad luck

People believe that walking inside a casino from the main gate can also bring bad luck. This belief was started when MGM Grand Casino had a big lion mouth entrance which people felt negative about. Soon the entrance was changed, but people still believe in it.

To look or look away

The very common belief that all gamers have is to look or not to look. While some people prefer to look away until the outcome arrives, while others prefer to stare straight into the outcomes thinking that looking away can bring bad luck.

Counting money

One of the biggest beliefs that gamblers around the world have is to not count the money while they are on the table. They fear to count their money while playing. While some gamblers consider is bad luck, others believe counting money at the table is impolite and unprofessional.

Lucky number 7

You must have heard it at some point in your life. 7 is considered a lucky number by gamblers and even others. There are plenty of numbers that can be considered superstition numbers. However, 7 is one number that no one denies as the luckiest one.

Unlucky number 13

Just like the luckiest number 7, 13 is considered the unluckiest number in the word. The tale goes back to the Last Supper, where 13 people sat for dining, and the 13th member was Judas Iscariot – the person who betrayed Jesus Christ. It is believed to bring bad luck and betrayal.

It does not mean that 13 is considered unlucky throughout the world. In Asia, 13 is considered a lucky number. 7, however, is a lucky number throughout the world.