The Cheats That Actually Worked in Roulette

The Cheats That Actually Worked in Roulette

The Cheats

Roulette is technically a game of chance, and you cannot possibly do anything about. All you have to do is place your bets and wait for the ball to land on your lucky number. Even after that, people have tried to cheat, and it actually worked for them. Here are the cheats that have been used for real games and worked out for cheaters.

Sleight of hand

Casinos are filled with gamblers and pro cheaters. It is impossible to identify a cheater until you actually catch them. Sleight of hand is a technique which many cheaters use to trick the dealer. But it also requires years of practice to do it the right way. This art of placing the bet after the ball has landed is called Past Posting. In casinos, the dealer closes the betting before they spin the wheel, any bets after the spin is considered invalid. Nowadays the dealers put glass slabs (Dolly) over the bets to confirm the bets before spinning the wheel. Any bets without dolly are not accepted. Dolly was introduced mainly to stop past posting. The kind of past posting was a famous casino cheater Richard Marcus who has his own blog where he explains how he teamed up with a croupier increase his chips.

Roulette computers

Roulette computers was a recent issue which grew big really quick in roulette. Roulette computers were made to predict wins in a game of roulette. While some people believe the cheat to actually work, many believe that it was just hoaxed to scam wannabe cheaters. Roulette computers were made to predict the outcomes and win, but this method would involve one to carry a device inside the casino, which will not be allowed through the casino security. Still, many people choose to find casinos which do not strictly ban computers inside the casinos. A roulette computer has a tracker which records the data of the wheel either by a laser or human input. It determines the speed of the wheel track and with a calculator and predicts the outcome. The prediction of the calculator is then transmitted to the player through an earpiece. But since the speed of the ball and wheel chances in every spin, it is quite difficult to make the right prediction every time and thus is not worth spending for many.


People have also cheated by rigging the roulette wheels and balls while the casino is closed for people. This plan actually includes corrupted casino staff who can access the roulette table when no one is looking. In 1973, Monique Laurent rigged the roulette ball with the help of his brother who was a croupier at a casino and controlled the ball with a miniature radio receiver hidden in a cigarette pack. He won over $1 million with his team until they were busted. He became known as the Frenchman with the cigarette pack.