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Save The Vaquita - Let Us Protect Nature, Let Us Protect The Wildlife
We are trying to make sure that rivers are being kept clean for the Vaquita to live a healthy life.
Geographical Range
We want to make sure that you have the right knowledge about the geographical locations which can give you an idea about the damage we do.
Learning about Vaquita’s behaviour will ensure that we have an wider understanding of them .
Population status
As of now there are only 15-20 Vaquita’s that live and we have to make sure that we understand the change to work well.

Save The Vaquita

Scientists are looking for various ways in which we can help them have a happy life.

  • Trying to understand their behaviour for better chances at repopulation.
  • Trying to make sure that we keep pollution out.

Action To Save The Vaquita

We are here to make sure that people are looking into the right details which can get them to live a healthy life.

Vaquita is one of the creatures which do not well with confined spaces, and it is very easy to get them to lead a long life is to understand their habitat.


  • We are trying to eradicate pollution from the rivers to ensure that you are working towards right steps.

  • We try to make frequent expeditions which can get us more information about the right people to get them to live.

  • We want to make sure that you have the right information to get the word about these creatures to help them survive.

Write To Us

 Suppost Us

We are here to ensue that you have the right people guiding you through the whole process of understanding these creatures.

Reach Us


They made sure that everything is made easier to ensure that they have the right support of the people who are guiding you through the nature of these animals.

Mary P James

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A Paradise Place: Live Entertaining Casino

A Paradise Place: Live Entertaining Casino

In today’s time, gambling is becoming popular day-by-day. Gambling is now a full-time entertainment for most of the person. Along with entertainment, it is also a good source of income. The best gambling can be experienced in the casinos. An entertaining sagame 88 live casino is a place where varieties of games are available to play and win a huge sum of money.

Casinos are mainly of two types known as land casinos and online casinos. Online casinos are available over the internet, which is provided by some top casino’s websites. Most people prefer online gambling as they don’t want to step out of their houses, and by simply sitting in their house, they can get entertained themselves by winning a lot of money. These players are also provided with different discounts and offer to make their interest. Whereas land casinos are preferred by those, who want a real gambling experience. Land casinos are way better than Asia Casino Pro online casinos for those people who want to enjoy real gambling with real music and in real surroundings with lots of crowds. An impressive deceptively blackjack games are the most preferred games along with roulette, slots, pocket, and many more available games.


Features of casino

  • The deposition of money and as well as withdrawal of money should be fast enough so that players don’t have to wait.
  • Customer services provided by the casinos should be available 24 hours each day with organized service providing.
  • Casinos should have varieties of games installed so that players don’t get bored by playing few games again and again.
  • Casinos should provide different discounts and offers to the customers.
  • Online casinos’ websites should have high graphics and elegant looks to attract customers.


Casino Games advantages and disadvantages

Casino live sports bet where players predict the result of the live game before, is considered as one of the popular games which provide huge money and lottery. Many such rewards are provided by the casinos. These casinos, along with money, also provide great entertainment. Besides earning and winning, most of the people lost everything they had come with. Such addiction to these games, which results in the loss of all the money, is a major drawback as there is no fun associated with addiction. Since the casino is a place where millions of money come and goes, and hence because of these large sums of money, the crime rate also increases. Online casinos cause a major problem in traffic. Websites get jammed after several people have joined the same casino website. Besides all these, online gambling maintains its websites with high graphics and precise content to attract more people, and these websites also come with many promotions to their old customers like discounts and offers.


Casinos are the hub of entertainment and earning a huge sum of money. One can get a lot of money with great lotteries also one can lose everything here. Gambling is just not about luck, but it is also about some skills which help the player to double their cash just by winning.  

The Cheats That Actually Worked in Roulette

The Cheats

Roulette is technically a game of chance, and you cannot possibly do anything about. All you have to do is place your bets and wait for the ball to land on your lucky number. Even after that, people have tried to cheat, and it actually worked for them. Here are the cheats that have been used for real games and worked out for cheaters.

Sleight of hand

Casinos are filled with gamblers and pro cheaters. It is impossible to identify a cheater until you actually catch them. Sleight of hand is a technique which many cheaters use to trick the dealer. But it also requires years of practice to do it the right way. This art of placing the bet after the ball has landed is called Past Posting. In casinos, the dealer closes the betting before they spin the wheel, any bets after the spin is considered invalid. Nowadays the dealers put glass slabs (Dolly) over the bets to confirm the bets before spinning the wheel. Any bets without dolly are not accepted. Dolly was introduced mainly to stop past posting. The kind of past posting was a famous casino cheater Richard Marcus who has his own blog where he explains how he teamed up with a croupier increase his chips.

Roulette computers

Roulette computers was a recent issue which grew big really quick in roulette. Roulette computers were made to predict wins in a game of roulette. While some people believe the cheat to actually work, many believe that it was just hoaxed to scam wannabe cheaters. Roulette computers were made to predict the outcomes and win, but this method would involve one to carry a device inside the casino, which will not be allowed through the casino security. Still, many people choose to find casinos which do not strictly ban computers inside the casinos. A roulette computer has a tracker which records the data of the wheel either by a laser or human input. It determines the speed of the wheel track and with a calculator and predicts the outcome. The prediction of the calculator is then transmitted to the player through an earpiece. But since the speed of the ball and wheel chances in every spin, it is quite difficult to make the right prediction every time and thus is not worth spending for many.


People have also cheated by rigging the roulette wheels and balls while the casino is closed for people. This plan actually includes corrupted casino staff who can access the roulette table when no one is looking. In 1973, Monique Laurent rigged the roulette ball with the help of his brother who was a croupier at a casino and controlled the ball with a miniature radio receiver hidden in a cigarette pack. He won over $1 million with his team until they were busted. He became known as the Frenchman with the cigarette pack.

The Biggest Poker Tournaments in the World

Poker is a widely popular game played in all the casinos around the world. There are several tournaments in which thousands of professional poker players participate and try to win the big amount 4d toto hari ini . While the buy-in for these tournaments can be a little expensive, the pay-outs can go over $10 million. Winning any of such tournaments will regard the winner as the best poker player in the world. Here are the biggest poker tournaments around the world which pay out huge amounts.

World Series Of Poker (WSOP)

WSOP is the most famous tournaments in the world which happen all around the world. More than ten thousand players participate in WSOP every year, hoping to win the big pot. The First WSOP took place in 1970 when Benny Binion invited seven world-known poker players for a single tournament. It was held at Horseshoe Casino with a set start and stop time. Since then, WSOP has gained popularity around the world with more and more people joining every year. It is one of the most prestigious poker tournaments a poker can dream of winning. The tournaments reward the winner with the prize money and a bracelet naming him or her the best player in the world.

World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

WCOOP the biggest online poker tournament in the world and is played all around the world. The tournament gets sponsored by Poker Stars and is played on their own site every September. The first WCOOP took place online in 2002 and offered a variety of Poker games, but Texas Hold’em was the most famous one. The tournament has different buy-ins for different prize pools so anyone can comfortably participate. The main event of 2018 rewarded the winner with $1.3 million under a prize pool of $10 million.


Triton Super High Roller Series (Triton Poker)

Triton poker is one of the biggest poker tournament which takes places in different parts of the world. Triton has different buy-in amounts and pool prizes for all types of players around the world. It is the 6th largest tournament in the world in terms of pool prizes with the highest amount of $23,100,000 given to the winner. It is an expensive tournament to participate in and is mostly played by businessmen and professional poker players.

Big One for One Drop

The Big One for One Drop has a $1,000,000 buy-in which is hosted at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). It is a no-limit Texas hold’em tournament which first took place in 2012. It is the highest buy-in poker tournament in the world with the highest single payout offered. The tournament is also connected to multiple non-profit organizations including One Drop Foundation and gives away $111,111 of the prize pool to the foundation. The prize pool of the tournament is generally more than $40M, and the winner can take home more than $10M.

The Best Slot Machines

Slot Machines

You must have heard about the slot machines from a lot of best Hollywood movies. It is considered as one of the most popular and demanding attractions of the casino visitors these days. Almost all casinos in the world possess the slot machines. The popularity of the slot machines is elevating at a magnificent rate. People are going crazy to play this machine both online and offline and even live. If you are looking for the best slot machines of all times, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, you will find the list of best singapore sportsbook slot machines that provide you tremendous excitement and fun in 96ace.

Wheel of fortune

As the name describes, it is one of the most desired and the player’s favourite slot machines. The popularity of this machine is since the beginning of its introduction. Wheels of fortunes are topping the list of slot machines from fast few decades because of the magnificent enticement it provides to the players. It uses the spectacular graphics and the sound system from the television game shows.  When the wheel appears on the screen, a huge chant of the crowd can be heard loud “Wheel of fortune”. That mesmerizes the gaming spirit. You have to spin the wheel for bonus credits.

Blazing 7s

It is the most trending and long-lasting slot games from the list. It was introduced in the early 70s by Bally and is fantastically popular around the world till date.  It is one of the most exciting jackpots and can change your entire life and certainly can make your day. It is the great quick hit progression slot machine exclusively designed for the jackpots. The chances of winning the Singapore sport betting and slots are very positive, and it is one of the more expressive slot machines designed.

Double diamond

The double diamond is the most cherished and celebrated slot machines since times. It is exclusively designed for fun and excitement. It possesses the three-reel mechanism, five-reel video and online formats. It is considered as the classic model of slots. It has this very elegant look with the diamond symbols all around. Each double diamond symbol can double any of the winning spins. If the spin offers you the three double diamonds, then that’s a jackpot.


A Megabuck is also a kind of most celebrated, widespread progressive slot machine. In the word of live casino, the machines are linked with the same jackpots. A small portion of the best from all the players is added to the slot until somebody strikes it. The Megabuck is a superlative jackpot, which takes place very rarely, but if any luck wins it, then it’s an absolute call for a million dollars. This slots jackpot is same in case of the live casino games and even the online casino games. Hence it is considered as the largest jackpot, and casino fans visit it to experience this mesmerizing euphoria.

The most popular gambling superstitions around the world


When the entire game depends on  luck, it is normal for gamblers to have superstitions and lucky charms. Gamblers are one of the top superstitious people around the world with a bag full of myths and  superstitions to believe in. These beliefs manifest in people in different forms slot online indonesia around the world but are mostly attached to an object, routine, colour, or time.

Wearing red

Wearing red during the time of doubt is one of the most common superstitions in Asia. Red is considered to be lucky for gambling as well as a colour of prosperity in China. The gamblers try to wear red every time they go to gamble. The redder you wear, the luckier you will get.

Crossing fingers

The most common superstition to bring luck towards your side even in daily life is to cross fingers. It is used by gamblers as well to win in the games. One the other side, crossing legs is considered to cancel the wins that were potentially coming to you.

The front door is bad luck

People believe that walking inside a casino from the main gate can also bring bad luck. This belief was started when MGM Grand Casino had a big lion mouth entrance which people felt negative about. Soon the entrance was changed, but people still believe in it.

To look or look away

The very common belief that all gamers have is to look or not to look. While some people prefer to look away until the outcome arrives, while others prefer to stare straight into the outcomes thinking that looking away can bring bad luck.

Counting money

One of the biggest beliefs that gamblers around the world have is to not count the money while they are on the table. They fear to count their money while playing. While some gamblers consider is bad luck, others believe counting money at the table is impolite and unprofessional.

Lucky number 7

You must have heard it at some point in your life. 7 is considered a lucky number by gamblers and even others. There are plenty of numbers that can be considered superstition numbers. However, 7 is one number that no one denies as the luckiest one.

Unlucky number 13

Just like the luckiest number 7, 13 is considered the unluckiest number in the word. The tale goes back to the Last Supper, where 13 people sat for dining, and the 13th member was Judas Iscariot – the person who betrayed Jesus Christ. It is believed to bring bad luck and betrayal.

It does not mean that 13 is considered unlucky throughout the world. In Asia, 13 is considered a lucky number. 7, however, is a lucky number throughout the world.

How many Vaquita are left in the world in 2019?


The Vaquita is the very cutest and most endangered species. They belong to the family of the largest Mammalia clan of deep oceans. They are the cousins of blue whales, sharks and even the dolphins. But they are reducing in number from many habitats. They are homed in the Gulf of California and are found only in one part of the world. This article is a spotlight on the number of Vaquita that is present in 2019.

The report says that the number of Vaquita is highly reducing in numbers; there are less than 22 adult individuals left in the Gulf of California. The report of Vaquita is given by the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita (CIRVA). The report was given in the year of 2018. The population of Vaquita was estimated to be around 670 plus in 1997.  2019 is the worst year for the Vaquita to number a very least population.

Vaquita to number

The scientist says that the reproducing capacity of the Vaquita is decreasing because of changing global temperature, water level, water acidity and the overall changing weather condition of the world. Earth is the home for millions of species. The recognition of variations of the species is still 25% achieved, and there are lot many varieties untouched.

How did we let this happen?

The creatures on this earth are not all evolving, half of the species are already extinct, and most of them are in the edge of extinction. Are we the reason for this paradigm? Human is the most evolved species in the world. When we are the most powerful, we have the authority by default to safeguard the underprivileged animals and organisms.

The Vaquita is not the refugees in the known waters, and the ocean is their home. They are homed in only one single corner of the world since its genesis. They share the clan of large mammillae like blue whale and sharks. To prohibit the decreasing number of Vaquita, the governments around the world are taking the initiatives to take strict measures of saving the little cows. Millions of dollars are being collected around the globe to stop fishing the Vaquita and to secure the habitats of this deep-sea creature.

deep-sea creature

The protection measure throughout the globe is increasing. The awareness to spot contributing to the extinction of species is also carried out with lots of passion. The international conventions and summits are coming up with good beats of agenda.

The increasing global warming is contributing to a great scale to the extinction of various water as well as the land species. The melting down of ice covers, increasing sea level and warming of the ocean waters are killing the eggs and are hindering the water migration of lots of underwater dwellers. If the same condition continues, it is not just the Vaquita, but every other animal will just be a memory to the earth.

Facts about the Vaquita, The World’s Most Endangered Porpoise


If you want to learn about the very cutest things in the world, then here you go, they are none other than the Vaquita, the world’s cutest, most endangered water creatures. The Vaquita takes very little time to personify the cuteness. They are very shy animals and stay deep underwater. This article takes the glory to describe the most amazing facts about the Vaquita.

Did you know?

  • The Vaquita is the very rarest sea mammals in the globe. They are categorized under the most endangered species of the IUCN. They are also called as the ‘Cochito’, ‘Vaquita Marina’ and also ‘Gulf of California harbor porpoise’.
  • These species are found in only one corner of the world, specifically in the Gulf of California. The Gulf of California is a very narrow piece of water and is the home for almost all the living Vaquita.
  • They are considered to be the rarest and unique sea mammals. Their count is decreasing day by day, that has led them toward the Red Data Book of IUCN.

unique sea mammals

  • The Vaquita is usually compared with dolphins and people you come across these species, surprise assuming them to be the dolphins.
  • The body shapes of the Vaquita are also very similar to the ones of Dolphin, they have small shape, and their body size is very tiny compared to the Dolphins. They possess a chunkier and a round head with no snout. It is called a “little cow” in Spanish.
  • The upper body of the Vaquita is very grey in the shade and the color shades down as you reach the belly. They have a slightly striking face type, with dark liner around the eyes with dark-colored lips making them dressed up all time.
  • The porpoises usually come with smaller fins and chest, but these Vaquita possess distinct fin-type, the fins are usually larger in size and the chest is vast and flat.
  • Like all other mammals, the female Vaquita are larger than the males in size. They measure around 5 to 6ft but the males’ measure only 4.6 to 5 ft.


  • The study shows that the largest mammals of the world Blue whale, the sharks, dolphins and Vaquita belong to the same family of cetaceans. These are the largest and only living spices varieties in the deep oceans. You cannot really find them in the sweet water shores.
  • They are considered as the most intelligent water species. They have good running reflexes and fast impulsion stimulus.
  • The Vaquita is always considered as the cousins of dolphins. They usually feed on the tiny sea creatures like prawns, tiny crabs and specifically squids.
  • The Vaquita is very shy animals. They do not expose themselves much to the outer species.
  • There are three more other varieties of Vaquita found in the Gulf of California. They are considered as the incredible gene of large mammals.